CfP “Gender, Civil Society, and Women’s Movements in the Context of Russia’s War against Ukraine”

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, there has been war in Europe. Traditionally, feminist analyses are not in the focus of public attention in times of war, although war and conflict are deeply gendered.

A cursory look at gender, civil society and gender-political movements in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine makes clear that long-term political change depends crucially on civil society actors working for democracy and peace – and, as their conditio sine qua non, on gender justice.

The spectrum includes Ukrainian feminist civil society organizations (CSOs) dedicating their work to fight against sexualized violence, Russian feminist movements daring to protest against the war of aggression, Polish CSOs supporting Ukrainian forced migrants in the realization of their sexual and reproductive rights, or CSOs in Germany supporting queer refugees, just to give a few examples.

Den vollständigen Call for Papers von Eva Maria Hinterhuber und Gesine Fuchs in Frontiers in Sociology finden Sie hier. Abstracts können noch bis zum 7. November 2022 eingereicht werden. 

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