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The German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung e.V. – AFK) is a scientific association of peace researchers and institutions from various disciplines, particularly from German-speaking countries.

Founded in 1968, the AFK aims to promote research that contributes to a deeper understanding of the causes of war and peace and thus also provides a basis for a political practice oriented towards long-term peace. Currently, the AFK has more than 270 members. The association is represented by the Executive Board.


AFK Conferences

One of its main activities is the organization of an annual conference which serves the promotion of an internal scientific exchange and stimulates the interdisciplinary discourse on issues of peace and conflict research. Regarding the content of the conference, there is a different guiding topic each year, illuminated from various scientific disciplines and methodological approaches.

This year’s 55th conference from 13th-15th March 2024 is titled: Disciplines of Peace and Conflict Research in Dialogue: Synergies, Commonalities and Differences with Scientific-Technical Peace Research”

The registration to the conference can be found here:

The program to the conference can be downloaded here:


Working groups

With the establishment of working groups (Arbeitskreise) on different issues of peace and conflict research, the AFK supports the interdisciplinary cooperation between scientists. The working groups coordinate technical discourses and organize conferences and workshops, taking into consideration the research interests of the AFK members. At present, there are ten active working groups and the Network of Female Peace Researchers dealing with different topics.

1.   Curriculum and Didactics

2.   Peace Education

3.   Historical Peace Research

4.   Culture and Religion

5.   Young Researchers at the AFK

6.   Science and Practice

7.   Nature – Resources – Conflicts

8.   Critical Peace Research

9.   Theory

10. Methods

       11. Feminist Peace Research

Network of Female Peace Researchers

For further information about the work of the specific working groups, please click here (in German).


Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies)

Since 2012, the AFK publishes a peer-reviewed journal, the “Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (ZeFKo)” (Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies). The journal appears twice a year and includes methodically reflected studies from various disciplines on all issues of peace and conflict studies. 


Membership in the AFK

Principally, the AFK is financed by membership fees and donations. To become a member, one should support the objectives of the AFK (see statutes, in German). Requirements for the admission are the application for membership, and the adoption of the membership application by the Executive Board.

The current application form can be found here.

The membership fee is graded and calculated in accordance with the respective annual gross income:

·         70 €       up to 30.000 € annual gross income

·         110 €     up to 50.000 € annual gross income

·         130 €     more than 50.000 € annual gross income

·         50 €       for Students (BA/MA or equivalent) at request

                       for a maximum period of 2 years



Each year, since 1993, the AFK has awarded a prize for young researchers or initiatives that have made an outstanding contribution to peace and conflict research. The award ceremony takes place within the framework of the annual AFK conference.

In 1996, the AFK dedicated the award for young professionals to the memory of the deceased Christiane Rajewsky who was a researcher on right-wing extremism. As a Professor of Political Science at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Christine Rajewsky made an extraordinary effort in promoting young researchers in peace and conflict studies.

Thanks to an increased endowment of Rajewsky’s family, the price money amounts 2.500 €.

Applications for the Christiane-Rajewsky-Award have to be submitted in electronic form to the AFK’s administrative office by October 15 of each year. You can find the current tender here. Generally, written works with a relevant peace and conflict research focus come into question.


Institutional cooperative relations of the AFK 

The AFK maintains a cooperative relationship with various institutions and bodies, for example with the Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung (German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management), the magazine Wissenschaft&Frieden (Science & Peace) or the Evangelische Akademie Villigst. For further information see here.

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